Alphasonics Americas are global designers and manufacturers of ultrasonic cleaning systems and ultrasonic anilox cleaning machines across a range of industries from Print, Healthcare, Aerospace and Electronics.

However you print, Alphasonics Americas has an ultrasonic anilox cleaning solution. Whatever print process utilized in your facility, Alphasonics Americas has various anilox cleaners to suit your requirements.

Ultrasonic cleaning systems are crucial within the healthcare industry as they contribute to infection control and productivity by providing vast improvements in cleanliness and safety to manual processing.

Cleaning technology where it matters most. Alphasonics Americas ultrasonic cleaning systems provides both safe and efficient cleaning across both the aerospace and defense industries

Precision ultrasonic cleaning where it matters most. Alphasonics Americas ultrasonic cleaning systems delivers precision, non-destructive cleaning and processing of electronic components such as PCB’s and semi-conductors.

The Engineers

Welcome to Alphasonics Americas, the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of advanced ultrasonic anilox cleaning systems.

Alphasonics Americas have been designing and manufacturing advanced ultrasonic anilox cleaning systems for over 25 years in our Liverpool head office and are now accredited to BS EN 1SO 13485. Our equipment comes with several patented technologies allowing us to ensure long life spans of all our systems, along with unrivaled performance.

VP: Chris Jones


Return on Investment seen after 12 months  with Transparent costs


Performance and Roll Safety Guarantee with every system


Improved performance and reduced downtime


Research & Development

It is at the heart of what we do


“Here at ABG International, we have had an Alphasonics Melanie system in our facility since 2010 and have found it to be a very useful tool in keeping our Aniloxes clean. It is easy to use, safe and very effective. We have also recommended several of our customers to buy an Alphasonics system and as far as we’re aware, they are all very happy with their equipment.”

abg International

“Alphasonics have been a trusted supplier to Edale over many years and we have built a strong relationship with them. They have supplied us with their Alphasonics cleaning unit Megan 850-3350 and it has been fundamental to safely cleaning our Anilox rolls to ensure the best quality flexo print jobs. The Megan 850-3350 has been used by our customers worldwide and is also presented in our print showroom at our UK Headquarters in Whitely.”


“Mark Andy have used Alphasonics equipment in our facilities worldwide since 1995. Our operations in US, Europe, UK and China have all taken great benefit from the use of this technology over the years. We have been very pleased with our association with Alphasonics and expect this to continue.”

Mark Andy

“HP own an Alphasonics Melanie600-2250DF/2 Anilox Cleaner SOLO. This is the second system we have received. It is efficient, a straightforward system to use and is just what we need for a narrow web solution. As a team, Alphasonics are very responsive; I can send an email asking for power consumption and receive the answer within a few minutes. Overall, I am very pleased with this Ultrasonic cleaner.”



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