Vice President

Christopher D. Jones

"I've been part of the flexographic print industry since leaving university in 2010.   Upon joining our family business, I became very passionate about it very quickly.   

Myself and Alphasonics strive every day to become better through not only our technology but with how we nurture relationships with our customers and partners around the world.  

Through industry driven technological development, thought leadership and engagement, we want to do more than sell anilox cleaners - we want to grow with you.    

Above all, I value integrity and hard work.  My job is to deliver passion, expertise and care to everyone from multi-nationals right through to mom and pop shops across the length and breadth of the Americas.  

Myself and everyone here at Alphasonics can't wait to work with you."

Always looking forward.

Originally formed as ‘Alphasonics USA’ in 2018, Alphasonics Americas are part of the Alphasonics global network of companies.  Serving all regions in North, Latin and South America, our aim is to supply only the highest standards in cleanliness and safety anywhere in the world for the benefit of our customers and the flexographic printing industry at large.

Our dedication to excellence is unwavering.

Through constant and continued commitment to research and development, Alphasonics have been manufacturing bespoke ultrasonic cleaning systems and Anilox Roll Cleaning Systems for over 30 years. Our equipment contains several patented technologies which cannot be found on any ultrasonic cleaning system in the world which provides longevity and unrivaled performance.

Our ultrasonic cleaning systems have been engineered to tackle a wide range of contaminants such as ink, coatings, varnishes, grease, oils and much more besides. Our anilox cleaning solutions are easy to use, effective and safe for both the parts being cleaned and the end user.

We know of no other company in the world that can utilise ultrasonic technology for cleaning in the way we do.

The Alphasonics group is family owned and family run.  We have developed a worldwide reputation for innovation and technical excellence. Our globally reaching team of subsidiaries, agents and distributors means we are able to deliver technically superior products around the world with ease.

We are well aware of the exact standards demanded in the industries we serve. Quality and consistency ensures that the system you choose can be continually relied upon to achieve results that are right first time, every time.

Whatever your requirements are, they are unique to you and your business.  We understand that better than anyone.  Through a tailor-made advanced cleaning solution for your aniloxes, gravure cylinders, parts and plates, Alphasonics aims to close that fine line between print and profitability.

Our Print Solutions

At Alphasonics Americas, our technology has been specifically developed to give the best results when cleaning delicate items, such as high screen anilox rolls, on a regular basis or items that require the highest level of consistent cleaning.


Our Promise to You

What You Can Expect From Us:

  • An advanced ultrasonic cleaning system that is tailored to your needs and will provide the very best results possible.
  • A globally reaching sales network that shares our values and philosophies, geared to provide a solution suited solely to your needs.
  • A continued focus on research and development to ensure any system from Alphasonics is at the forefront of cleaning technology.
  • A partnership based mentality. We work for our customers on an ongoing basis that lasts years, beyond a simple transaction.

The Product Promise:

  • Our products are custom-built by a dynamic staff of Alphasonics engineers.
  • Our systems are built to the highest level of regulatory standards and as accompanied by full certification to that end.
  • Cutting-edge Ultrasonic technology which means you will consistently reliable results over the lifetime of the machine.
  • Our systems our built with you in mind. As your business grows, an Alphasonics cleaning system will grow with you.
  • 100% Anilox Roll safety, supported by a written guarantee
  • All systems are built in house to the highest standards and are subject to scrutinizing testing procedures. No outsourcing or subcontracting.

Our Duty To Support You:

  • From enquiry to delivery to installation, we are at your disposal.
  • Our team understands the crucial nature of cleaning equipment to the volume and quality of your productive output. Our 2-year warranty with every system means you can be safe in the knowledge of our high levels of confidence, our support and our dedication to service.
  • Fast and and effective support with no fuss. Any repair or service comes with a 6-month warranty.

Our Industries

“Here at ABG International, we have had an Alphasonics Melanie system in our facility since 2010 and have found it to be a very useful tool in keeping our Aniloxes clean. It is easy to use, safe and very effective. We have also recommended several of our customers to buy an Alphasonics system and as far as we’re aware, they are all very happy with their equipment.”

abg International

“Alphasonics have been a trusted supplier to Edale over many years and we have built a strong relationship with them. They have supplied us with their Alphasonics cleaning unit Megan 850-3350 and it has been fundamental to safely cleaning our Anilox rolls to ensure the best quality flexo print jobs. The Megan 850-3350 has been used by our customers worldwide and is also presented in our print showroom at our UK Headquarters in Whitely.”


“Mark Andy have used Alphasonics equipment in our facilities worldwide since 1995. Our operations in US, Europe, UK and China have all taken great benefit from the use of this technology over the years. We have been very pleased with our association with Alphasonics and expect this to continue.”

Mark Andy

“HP own an Alphasonics Melanie600-2250DF/2 Anilox Cleaner SOLO. This is the second system we have received. It is efficient, a straightforward system to use and is just what we need for a narrow web solution. As a team, Alphasonics are very responsive; I can send an email asking for power consumption and receive the answer within a few minutes. Overall, I am very pleased with this Ultrasonic cleaner.”