Cleaning technology
where it matters

Alphasonics Americas aerospace ultrasonic cleaner systems provide both safe and efficient cleaning across both the aerospace and defense industries. Our ultrasonic cleaning systems use technology designed to deliver medical grade cleanliness that reaches inaccessible surface areas of complex components and parts used in aerospace manufacturing, overhaul, servicing and maintenance. Due to the above and our dedication to problem solving and technical excellence, Alphasonics are an approved BAE Systems to Delta Goodrich.

Parts used to build, or repair aircrafts can contain traces of residues and contaminants that if not cleaned efficiently can result in catastrophic consequences. Therefore, these parts must be routinely and thoroughly cleaned thoroughly to restore them to their original and intended condition to protect integral workings of aircraft.

Alphasonics ultrasonic technology provides the highest levels of efficiency, consistency and medical grade cleanliness when compared to spray washing and manual cleaning methods.

Why Alphasonics is the #1 choice in Aerospace:

  • BA approved supplier to BAE Systems and Delta Goodrich
  • Bespoke design for the component and task at hand
  • Ensures precision cleaning for integral components
  • Medical grade, precision cleaning