However you print,
Alphasonics has a solution

No matter what printing process your company uses, our knowledgeable in-house team can offer the very best cleaning solution.

At Alphasonics Americas, our innovation and technical expertise has led to the development of a comprehensive range of products that can be tailored to suit your cleaning requirements. Our range of cleaning systems have been specially designed to provide the highest and most consistent cleaning standards available, but they are also completely safe for regular use, even on the highest screen counts.

The main issue that print companies face is that the cleaning of the anilox rolls is not always up to standard; the manual cleaning creates inconsistencies across the rolls which may cause the ink to run during the printing process. Our devices remove microscopic contaminants such as ink residues and contamination to an incredibly low level, thus raising productivity, reducing downtime and as such, increasing profit.



Alphasonics Americas core technologies, ‘Alphasound’ and ‘Betasound’ have been developed with the flexographic printer in mind. Over a number decades, they have pioneered the safe and effective regular cleaning of aniloxes, regardless of screen count or web width. A 100% clean anilox, coupled with the use of a volume measurement system delivers the ultimate standards in anilox control. This element of control delivers untold benefits in terms of financial and production considerations.

As Flexo progresses into the 21st century, printers are becoming wise to the fact that simply cleaning aniloxes is no longer enough. Flexo’s new paradigm is ‘Anilox Control’ - ensuring a clean roll as the cornerstone of the print process delivers very best print quality and process management.

An anilox roll that is 100% clean provides a baseline to work from.  This leads to the delivery of six tangible, cost saving and production-based benefits:

  • No requirement to over-pigmentation inks
  • Faster and more consistent make-ready times
  • Greatly reduced waste
  • Higher and more consistent print quality
  • Improved production run hours
  • Easier and more accurate anilox inventory management

Control the anilox, control the profit.  A very simple equation.


Alphasound cleaning technology provides pristine cleaning standards for gravure cylinders of any size or maximum repeat. With a custom built system from Alphasonics, size and capacity are no longer an issue.  Our systems can clean any number of cylinders of even the heaviest of weights. The question is: "How many do you want to clean?"


Coating weights must be controlled precisely to ensure quality of the print job and also for cost control. Where an anilox roll is used to apply a varnish or coating, full volume capacity is essential. Our advanced ultrasonic technology enables this roll to be controlled in the same manner as Flexography.

What to expect from our print industry range:

  • 10 systems, designed to tailor to each company’s individual needs and budget
  • Alphasound, Betasound and Active Cavitation patents
  • Two-year warranty
  • Consistent R+D resulting in improvements year after year
  • Performance Guarantee
  • Roll Safety Guarantee