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On-Going Performance Guarantee

It is one thing owning a top-end piece of equipment such as an Alphasound device, but it is something else to keep it running at its optimum.

Achieving optimum performance and enabling full control of the Anilox is wholly conditional on the on-going performance of the ultrasonic anilox cleaning machine and although when it is first installed, an Alphasound system will deliver the above, but over time maintenance will be required to enable the continuance of these benefits.

In this regard, we have launched our Anilox Healthcare Program to our UK customers which has been designed to ensure that the device continues to perform at its optimum. We have also rolled this out too many of our overseas agents. The program not only includes an every 3-month general clean and tune-up, but also Cavitation and AniCam readings to enable on-going validation and control.

Roll Safety Guarantee

Since our inception, Alphasonics have never received a complaint pertaining to Ultrasonic damage to an Anilox roll.

In 2016, a joint project with top academic institutions lead to the development the CVD (Cavitation Validation Device), a tool which accurately measures the activity of ultrasound in a tank of fluid.  This showed, beyond doubt, that damage of this nature is impossible with an ultrasonic anilox cleaning machine. Further to this, a live cleaning was streamed in its entirety to the internet from the floor of our production facility with assistance from independent industry peers.  Naturally, none could find any damage.  This further supported our belief in the safety and superiority of our products.

This evidence gives us the ability (and great pleasure) to issue a Roll Safety Guarantee with every system sold into Flexography. This written promise is something only Alphasonics can supply.

General Warranty

All Alphasonics Americas ultrasonic anilox cleaning machines are covered by a general ‘back to base’ warranty encompassing parts, labor and workmanship for the initial 2 years of use.

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Healthcare Guarantees

HTM 01-01 Compliance Guarantee (Residual Protein Level) 

We guarantee that all Medstar devices (when used in conjunction with Alphasonics approved chemistry and are regularly serviced), will consistently render surgical instruments or equipment to under 5µ residual protein during the initial 2-year warranty.

In addition, we guarantee that Medstar 1, Medstar 2 and Medstar 3 devices fully comply with HTM 01-01 (2016) in all relevant aspects.  Whilst this compliance level is not currently adhered to in the U.S.A, guaranteeing to these standards ensures that Alphasonics equipment will outperform any offering available in the United States.


On-Going Compliance Guarantee (Residual Protein Level)

Patient safety is paramount.  As such, any healthcare based equipment must be effective, consistent and reliable.   On-going management of the device is also a critical requirement.

Within this sector, we offer a full service package including quarterly site visits to help maintain the ongoing effectiveness of the systems. Choosing a service package with your Medstar device will also entitle you to our On-Going Compliance and Performance Guarantees in combination.


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