More than just
a Cleaner

Alphasonics Americas have always been at the forefront of ultrasonic cleaning for the print industry.  However, we go the extra step to ensure you can protect your investment with a range of chemical products and system accessories suited to your needs.

From our cleaning chemistry that only requires a 105 dilution, right down to our easy to use dosing systems, ur research and development team are constantly finding ways to improve our offerings.  Our range of accessories and ultrasonic cleaning solutions provide you with the very highest standards of cleanliness and safety anywhere in the industry.

To place an order, please contact us directly for details on our distribution partners across the United States.


Alphaclean Ultrasonic Cleaning Chemicals

Alphaclean ultrasonic cleaning chemicals have been specifically designed to be used in conjunction with an Alphasonics Ultrasonic cleaning system, with the vast majority only required at a 10% dilution.

With a range of over 30 unique chemical blends to suit any task, we can assure you of safe and effective cleaning regardless of the contamination or material.

Protelox Anilox Sleeve and Roll Covers

Our hard shell protective covers ensure that your aniloxes and sleeves remain safe from potential damage that can easily occur in any print shop.

Constructed with fiberglass and epoxy materials and a soft velcro edging. your aniloxes are protected from impact and scratches at every stage of its lifetime from transport to the moment it goes onto press.

Customise your roll covers with your choice of colour, roll identifier and even your company branding.

Chemical Monitoring System

Alphasonics Americas chemical monitoring system will advise when cleaning fluid is spent and therefore requires changing. The readings are highly accurate and enable greater consistency of cleaning and cost management. There is no pH testing needed – use the chemical you need, lowering your consumable costs even further.

Generator Output Current Monitoring System

Alphasonics Generator Output Current Monitoring System will display a warning should the generators drift out of tune, as all ultrasonic generators can potentially do.  This enables ongoing peak performance and ease of general maintenance of your Alphasonics cleaning system. This system includes a tuning box and mini driver for easy adjustment.

Automatic Chemical Dosing Pump

Our Automatic Chemical Dosing Pump will automatically provide correctly diluted directly to your cleaning system. This means there is no requirement for ‘hand-balling’ or manual dilution of chemicals, thus enhancing the health and safety credentials of the system.  The pump is supplied mounted on a stand for ease of use and includes a low-level sensor. This unit can also be wall mounted if required.


Plate Cleaning Systems

The flexographic printing industry is dependent on the quality of the digitally produced plates and will only be effective if the plates are in perfect condition for every run.

  • PCX Series
  • Plaeto


Anilox Roller and Gravure Cylinder Cleaning Systems

Users of the flexographic and gravure printing processes often face difficulties with cleaning their rolls and cylinders.  Cleaning of these rolls is fundamental to an efficient and effective print process, helping especially where high screen counts with complex designs and vignettes are present.

Our systems:

  • Alphaplus
  • Megan
  • Melanie
  • Mia
  • Miranda


Parts Washing & Industrial Water Recycling Systems

Alphasonics have worked tirelessly to develop ways for the printer to clean ink chambers, trays and other parts effectively, all while providing environmental sustainability.

  • AS70
  • AS1200