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washing systems

Alphasonics Americas Parts Washing Systems are an essential piece of equipment within the printing industry. They are designed to clean and remove inks and coatings from ink trays and chambers.

Sustainability is at the heart of what we do and we have worked tirelessly to develop ways to clean chambers, ink trays and other parts effectively, whilst remaining sustainable.

Our team of engineers have combined the impressive cleaning capabilities of our Alphasound technology with the process of flocculation, to produce Parts Washing and Industrial Water Recycling Systems designed for the print industry.

Our ultrasonic parts washing systems allows press operators to focus on the job at hand, resulting in reduced downtime and consistent print quality. Our ALP Parts Washing Systems are a positive addition to any press room and are even safe for aluminum chambers.

Alphasonics’ Parts Washing Systems brings these possibilities to printing houses of all sizes, allowing you to stay ahead of environmental legislation whilst ensuring productivity.

All Alphasonics Americas ultrasonic systems are simple, safe, easy to use and provide an unrivaled return on investment.

The AS70 and AS1200 fall into our Alphaplus range and as such are designed and made to order


as70 parts washing system


Non-Ultrasonic AS70 is an innovative and award-winning parts washing system for water-based inks and coatings that includes a flocculation facility.  This allows for safe disposal of the ink mass to landfill and the re-use of wash water.

alp1200 parts washing machine


The AS1200 ultrasonic parts washing system has been specifically designed to clean ink trays and chambers contaminated with UV, solvent or water-based inks.

Our parts washing systems can also be utilized to remove contaminants or debris, such as grime, oil, swarf, carbon, cutting fluids and grease. They are an essential system in maintenance, repair and remanufacturing in the Aerospace, Electronics and Engineering industries.  From cleaning nuts, bolts and screws to aerospace engine parts, rail bearings and automotive assemblies.


Plate Cleaning Systems

The flexographic printing industry is dependent on the quality of the digitally produced plates and will only be effective if the plates are in perfect condition for every run.

  • PCX Series
  • Plaeto


Chemistry & Auxiliary

Alphasonics have a specially range of chemicals products available which have been specially formulated to compliment our systems.  These chemistries and additional items mean ease of use, high  levels of effectiveness and cost efficiency.

  • Alphaclean Chemical Products
  • Automatic Chemical Dosing Pump
  • Chemical Monitoring System
  • Generator Output Current Monitoring System


Anilox Roller and Gravure Cylinder Cleaning Systems

Users of the flexographic and gravure printing processes often face difficulties with cleaning their rolls and cylinders.  Cleaning of these rolls is fundamental to an efficient and effective print process, helping especially where high screen counts with complex designs and vignettes are present.

Our systems:

  • Alphaplus
  • Megan
  • Melanie
  • Mia
  • Miranda