Flexo plate
cleaning systems & loaders

The flexographic printing industry depends on the quality of digitally produced plates.  The cleanliness and condition of the plates are intrinsic to production quality and color.

Manual washing is time consuming and can also damage flexo plates.   Failing to properly address this will have a negative impact on any Flexo house which in turn will lead to lost profit and poor ROI.

Alphasonics Americas plate cleaning systems and loaders reduces the labor intensity and allows your operators to focus on the printing process.


Alphasonics PCX machine

PCX Series

Our fully automated, rotating and oscillating brush-type plate cleaner eliminates the problems associated with dirty plates. This system has a triple cleaning action that ensure plates are pristinely clean and are dried with minimum fuss or effort.  Plates are rendered ready for immediate re-use or storage.  With optional conveyor and outlet systems, the PCX series delivers clean and dry plates with minimum fuss.

plaeto vertical loading machine


The Plaeto Vertical Plate Loading System from Alphasonics has been designed to maximize the throughput of our PCX range of plate cleaners, while maintaining a small footprint.  The Plaeto system is designed to automatically load plates into your Alphasonics Plate Cleaner without any requirement for monitoring or manual labor.  With a compact design, this system replaces the large, cumbersome inlet feed conveyors commonly found with plate cleaning units. This unique system cannot be found anywhere else in the world and is yet another example of our rigorous in-house research and development programme.

  • Compatible with other plate cleaners
  • (Patent Pending)