Alphasonics Medstar Three (03)
Alphasonics Medstar Compact (03)

Following successful trials, Alphasonics Medstar 3 and Medstar Compact Advanced Ultrasonic protein removal cleaning systems have been proven to be compatible with the UK manufacturer of surgical robotic equipment, CMR Surgical, for effectively cleaning Versius® Surgical Instruments for the Versius® surgical robotic system.

David Jones, Managing Director at Alphasonics commented. “We were delighted to work with CMR Surgical to carry out compatibility trials with Versius® Surgical Instruments. The results obtained were as anticipated and showed further evidence of the effectiveness of these cleaning systems for robot-assisted surgical systems. The results were conclusive that the Alphasonics advanced ultrasonic cleaning equipment delivers an exceptionally low and consistent residual protein level, to well under 1µg. We look forward to a long and successful relationship with CMR Surgical.”


Alphasonics UCS:

Alphasonics is the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of advanced ultrasonic cleaning systems, specifically for precision cleaning applications.

Founded in 1993, Liverpool, Alphasonics has developed a worldwide reputation for innovation and technical excellence within the field of precision cleaning. Our globally supplied advanced ultrasonic cleaning systems are unique in both their design and construction, delivering incredibly consistent results. All devices include several patented features that offer enhanced performance and a short ROI.

CMR Surgical:

CMR Surgical is the UK’s leading surgical robotics company. Our ambition is to extend the benefits of laparoscopic surgery to millions more people every year. Our next-generation robotic system, Versius, has been designed to significantly increase the volume and range of supported procedures, making the benefits of robotic minimal access surgery universally accessible and affordable

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