It’s a little-known fact that since the year 2000, up to 2012 when we stopped counting, users of Alphasonics Advanced Ultrasonic Anilox Roll Cleaning Systems won in excess of 120 print awards around the world. From Europe to Asia to North and South America and Africa, our customers were regularly coming out on top in prestigious print awards.

Why is this?

Chris Jones, VP Sales at our US office explains “It’s all about consistency. You can’t print consistent high quality with inconsistent cell volumes.  It’s a very simple equation that many try to over complicate.”

Yet for whatever reason, many print shop owners struggle to see the connection between consistent cell volumes and far less over-pigmentation of inks, faster make ready, reduced waste, much higher and more consistent print quality, easier and more accurate anilox management, increase in production run hours, operator enthusiasm…and profit.

However, all press operators know only too well the effect of having a blocked anilox. Time, Rework, Inferior Output, Productivity Loss, Setbacks. TRIPS…What a nightmare!!

With up to 80% of all print problems attributed to the condition of the anilox, those companies looking to improve and maintain print quality should actually sit down and consider what they really need to take their business forward.  If the anilox is the heart of the process, surely it needs the right cleaning methods and regime to maintain performance?

Furthermore, aniloxes with higher screen counts actually require more cleaning, not less.   So it’s critical to choose the correct device that will suit the needs of the business, not only in cleaning efficacy but also capacity. For example, there is no point buying a system because of perceived environmental claims, if it will only clean one roll at a time or worse, barely cleans at all? What’s the point in buying a piece of equipment that doesn’t pass the TRIPS test?  Whilst some considerations and machine characteristics carry more weight than others to every business, finding the very best solution for the job surely tops all wish lists.

What Alphasonics Advanced Ultrasonic cleaning systems deliver is consistent 100% cleaning, 100% of the time in a safe and effective manner.  We design and manufacture systems that will clean up to 12 rolls/sleeves at a time, making it much easier to avoid TRIPS hazards.  This means consistently higher print quality and the ability to increase margin on every single job

Buying the wrong piece of cleaning equipment for the wrong reasons simply makes the task harder and prevents effective ROI on the cleaner and indeed, your printing press.

Contact Alphasonics Inc today to learn more how we bring this ground-breaking technology to print shops around the world.

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